His sound became a trademark, winning a new dimension from what is usually called jazz. His many selling records, his concerts on the most famous world scenes, his many years of colaboration with Keith Jarrett and with The Hilliard Ensemble made Jan Garbarek one of the most popular saxophonist.


He was never a fan of the critics's ease to categorize music or artists and his works found a place in all kind of music tops, from pop to jazz, even classical music. Garbarek was also the most succesfull artist of the Munchen ECM record label.


The sound alone can not create music, that is why he is the kind of artist that puts a lot soul in his works. His vast sound starts from beautiful chill notes to delightfull ones, leaving no place for boredom. His performances are organic and his music almost breathes, being also simple and complex. Overall it resembles an hymn collection, playfull and introspective, more intense than sentimental.


During his concert in Bucharest on November 25th at Sala Palatului, Jan Garbarek will be accompanied by Rainer BrĂ¼ninghaus- piano, Yuri Daniel from Brazil- bass and the Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu.


All these musicians, truely great artists are the guarantee for a magical journey.


The unmistakable sense of density and ambiance generates a sound that leaves deep marks on those who listen to it, offering them an almost sensual sensation.